more than just a
sign on your lawn..


First step is to understand your home. Some of the reasons why you purchased and what makes it stand out to you. Is it close to schools, parks, transit etc? After a short discussion, we’ll go around the one and take notes on the condition, view, exposure and other key items that make your home unique against the competition. Once this is established, we start talking numbers. We start with going over the current active homes and compare those to the most recent sales in your neighbourhood.


Preparation is key. Our goal is to get the most money for your home. In order to do so, our plan is simple. Declutter. Clean. Repair. Stage. When we meet, we can dive in to the details of each item.


This is the fun part. The home is clean, decluttered and looks at its best. At this point, we have our photographers come in followed by videographer and professional measurement team. Once listed on the MLS, we would also conduct a serious of ad campaigns via social networks and within our sphere. Sign will go up on your home and then we go to step 4.


Showing requests will usually be with 24 hour notice. Buyers will anticipate looking at the same home from the photos so it’s crucial that when we show your property, it shows at its best.


Upon a few showings and open houses, our hope is to receive an offer on our home. After reviewing the details on of the offer, we can either, counter the offer, accept the offer or outright reject it. Note that while the price is important, other things to consider at this stage are the terms, deposit and completion dates. The ultimate goal is to get to acceptance whereby all parties.


This happens when the buyer goes through their due diligence and is completely satisfied with their conditions. At which point, they send us “Subject Removal” along with a copy of their deposit making your home officially OFF the market and SOLD!!