Let's go shopping!!


We like to start with an informal meeting about you and your needs. After, we’ll tell you a bit about us and how we can help. If there’s a good fit, we’ll take it to the next step.


It’s vital to understand your buying power. It’s also helpful for us to ensure we show you homes that fit within that budget. Whether it’s a 1 bed 1 bath or a 2.5 million dollar home, we’ll find the right one for you. We have strong relationships with many lenders to ensure you’re getting the best value.


The fun part is shopping for your home - the important part is to know what to look for and even more importantly, what to avoid. This is where we come in and assist. From knowing the surrounding buildings that may obstruct that “perfect” view to knowing the bylaws of a building, we’re here. After identifying you’re specific needs, we’ll curate a list and open a specific website so you receive ONLY homes that fit your criteria. No more wasting time on manual searching.


Once we’ve identified homes of interest, we’ll get in the car and start a tour of 4-6 homes at a time. We’ll do a recap at the end of the tour just to ensure we’re on the right track or if some of the needs have changed. If we’re lucky, we’ll find it on the first tour. If not, then we keep on until we’ve found the home that checks all the boxes.


Yay! We found a home that fits!! What’s next? Well, we would prepare and present you with comparable properties and base our initial offer on the previous sales. Things to consider outside of price include: preferred completion dates, deposit amount and conditions. Normally, we’d have at least 4-6 conditions to ensure you’re completely protected through the process. After negotiations are done and we’ve all agreed on pricing, we then move on to the next step.


Super important part. Key points:
a. Send the entire file of the lender to immediately get started on the financing.
b. Review the Title Search and Property Disclosure Statement
c. If purchasing a condo, we’d review all the strata documentation
e. Book an inspection


Once and only once we are completely satisfied with all of our conditions, we then would sign off and remove all of our subjects and put forward the deposit meaning you’ve purchased a new HOME!


Pretty self explanatory :)